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#ConElDeporte is a new project born out of the need to help athletes with disabilities. It was born due to the lack of resources needed to achieve their dreams in the world of sport.


ConElDeporte believes in adapted skiing as an escape route for these special athletes, because of the freedom they obtain with a wide range of movement, their constant work to improve on a personal and professional level and the social teamwork that we carry out together with other athletes from "partner clubs", finding sporting inclusion. Here it doesn't matter the type or degree of disability, everyone skis in the same slopes.

Resources & Visibility

At the Fundación Dalma we understand that adapted sport is much more expensive and, most of the time, unsustainable.At our events and stages, we are committed to providing the necessary resources for each individual athlete as well as supporting the cost of all volunteers.With #ConElDeporte we are committed to continuity, organising a physical and technical training plan, as well as attendance at national competitions.

Fundación Dalma

#Coneldeporte is being implemented with the support and within the framework of Fundación Dalma. Created in 2008 with the mission of supporting the social integration of people at risk of exclusion, with a high level of volunteer participation and working in a network with other social entities.


Life only makes sense if you are contributing to society.At present, there are very few resources for this sport as only very few athletes are supported by the Federation or Associations.To help, we need your help.